Eddie OgleEddie Ogle

Metal Artist

Eddie Ogle has been creating art his whole life, starting with drawing and painting when he was still a child. But his artistic side soon merged with his practical side and he became a small business owner at the age of 14 repairing cars in his family’s garage. This splitting of time and energies between creating artwork and owning and managing construction companies has continued on throughout his life. Only in his passion for ranching have both his artistic and practical sides been able to merge into one. Eddie’s artwork has included many western based themes, all of which have been inspired by his love of ranching in general and nature in particular. His incredibly detailed and accurate representations of animals, is also unparalleled. And his lifelong interest in all things mechanical has also inspired him to create working sculptures of machines from race cars to helicopters to tractors. Eddie’s commitment to using reclaimed/recycled materials for over 90 % of his artwork is a byproduct of ownership of several salvage yards in the San Antonio area. What for most people see as scrap, Eddie sees as sculpture. Eddie has been selling his artwork to buyers all over the world for over 55 years now and has no intentions of even slowing down.